Our Volunteers

If you want to know something about Portland, just ask a Portland Cable Trams volunteer!

Portland Cable Trams would not exist if it weren’t for our dedicated volunteers, who committed more than 20,000 hours to the restoration of the tram cars during the 1990s. They are also responsible for the Portland Cable Trams ongoing operation – there’s only one paid position within the organisation.

Our volunteers are passionate people who are extremely knowledgeable about the Portland Cable Trams and Portland in general. With around 60 volunteers, 30 of whom are active, these dedicated individuals undertake jobs including driving and conducting on our tram rides and working in our museum and depot.

They are dedicated to ensuring you, the visitor, enjoy your stay in Portland and learn all about our wonderful town and its interesting history.


If you are interested in becoming a Portland Cable Trams volunteer, we’d love to hear from you! Contact the Portland Cable Trams General Manager for more information.

Either drop in to the Portland Cable Tram Depot or contact us via:

(03) 5523 2831
2a Bentinck Street, Portland 3305